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Multi Tiered Systems of Support

MTSS Support


The Office of Instructional Supports consists primarily of providing the District with a Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS).  MTSS is a system that supports students; academics, but also social and emotional learning. In the framework of MTSS, The Office of Instructional Supports is designed to serve as the bridge between the Office of Curriculum and Instruction and the Office of Student Services.  Response to Intervention (RTI) plays a critical role from students receiving a relevant, meaningful and effective core instruction in the classroom to providing additional targeted or intensive support from Academic Intervention Specialists/Teachers.  The targeted and intensive support in the RTI model is referred to as Tier II and Tier III intervention. A universal screening tool is used to assess children three times a year.  Children receive different levels of support based on the results of the assessment.  Children who show a need for more intense interventions are strategically monitored more frequently throughout the year to ensure strong growth outcomes. Alongside these interventions, professional development plays a key role in providing teachers the continued support and knowledge based training to work with all students and meet their academic needs.  Our office also is responsible to work alongside with the Office of Student Services addressing the Social and Emotional Learning component providing students with support and guidance related to behaviors in a proactive manner to avoid disruption in their academic program.  OUFSD is committed to having our parents play an integral role in the learning and social and emotional outcomes of their children. The role of the parent and level of engagement is critical to ensure that we provide you with workshop sessions, parental training and a broader understanding of the Instructional Supports program we have implemented in our District.

District Comprehensive Improvement Plan (DCIP)