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Long Range Plan


Our Long Range Plan goal as a school community is to unite and engage all stakeholders to elevate equity, inclusiveness, and individual identity for the well-being of every student. We celebrate and empower students’ academic endeavors and embrace the “whole child” by pursuing these goals with passion, skill,  innovation, and determination.

Below we have highlighted the goals of each of our pillars. 

Goal: Culture of Care: We will bolster the social and emotional needs of all learners by creating a deep culture of care with an equity lens that envelops students, parents, staff, and community members with structures and supports that emphasize the social and emotional skills and knowledge that children must possess to be great learners. 

Goal: Relevance and Student Choice: We will create and utilize culturally responsive-sustaining, contemporary, and engaging real-world learning experiences that are inspired, designed, and guided by student voice and student choice.

Goal: Multiple Literacies: We will provide the scaffolded structures and services needed for students to develop, strengthen, and attain expertise in multiple literacies at every stage of their Ossining learning journey. 

Our Long Range Plan report can be found here.   Spanish version

Portrait of a Learner