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In the Ossining Union Free School District, students participate in interscholastic activities, physical education classes and extracurricular or school sponsored activities. Although the Board of Education of the District takes reasonable care to prevent student injuries, the Board of Education recognizes that concussions and head injuries are commonly reported injuries in children and adolescents, who participate in the aforementioned activities.
Parents and students must be aware that no helmet can guarantee the prevention of serious injury to the head or neck. To this end, the District has adopted the following policy and guidelines to aid in the proper evaluation and management of concussions and head injuries.

Student Improvement Plan

The Board of Education recognizes that participation in interscholastic athletics as well as all extracurricular activities is an integral component of a students' education. Students shall be encouraged to involve themselves in all extracurricular activities including athletics. In order to ensure that students succeed academically in all of their classes during their participation in interscholastic sports, the Athletic Department will implement the Academic Success Program. This program is designed to benefit students and promote academic, social, and emotional success. The Academic Success Program will assist students in reaching their academic potential, engaging in interscholastic sports, and graduating from Ossining High School.

Interscholastic Athletic Agreement

Cooperation among coaches, student athletes, parents, and school personnel is essential if students are to realize the value of athletic participation. Just as coaches commit to the interscholastic athletic program, students and parents must make commitments to the athletic program.

Advanced Placement Process

Advanced Athletic Placement allows students that are not in high school and believe they are dedicated enough to participate in a varsity or junior varsity sport. 

College Bound Athletes