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Class of 2017 - Marking the Map of their College/University

Congratulations to the Class of 2017 - See the schools they are attending and have been accepted to:  Class of 2017


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Here's a helpful guide to aid in your College Seach:  College Conference Manual

Course Selection for 2017-2018 School Year can be made through the Campus Portal. Please review the 2017-18 Program of Studies to aid in your selections.

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College Entrance Exam Dates for 2017 - 2018

Ossining High School's 2017-18 Program of Studies

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Ossining High School Mission Statement

OHS provides an academic, artistic, athletic, and altruistic environment. Quality instruction focuses on college and career readiness and 21st century skills through relevant course selections. In addition, OHS values character education, creating respect and appreciation for individual and cultural diversity.

Ossining High School Counseling and Development Mission Statement

The mission of Ossining High School's Counseling and Development Program is to provide an academic, artistic, athletic and altruistic (four A's) environment for all students by supporting students' academic, personal, social and emotional development.

OHS values character education, creating respect and appreciation for individual and cultural diversity, and access to quality educational opportunities for all students.

Together as a community of educators, our focus is providing a college and career readiness academic program for all students, work with them to maximize their potential, and help them develop into lifelong learners who are prepared for the challenges theywill face in the 21st century.