Ossining High School

Clubs & Organizations


Advisor:  TBD

Art Club

Advisor: Mr. Lucas

     A place to explore your creative talents, whether you feel artistic or just looking for the art experience. The Art Club is the place to be. Class work, homework, or College Art Portfolio - it doesn't matter. We meet once a week to have lots of fun! Sports off-season or academic off term, the Art Club is the place to be all year around.  We meet every Wednesday, in room B100 from 2:30-3:330 starting in October.


Advisor:  Mr. Scinta

     The Bike Club is a club that promotes cycling in Ossining and beyond. The club will collect used bicycles of all types and restore them to good working condition. The bikes will then be donated to people less fortunate or earned by students who have worked in the bike shop. Based on student's interest, the club will plan rides or other activities as well. Please see Mr. Scinta's google page for details on meeting dates and times.

Black Cultural Club

Advisors:  Mr. Sarr and Mr. Grey

    The Black Culture Club is organized to further good will and understanding among the OHS community about Black Culture. Various events throughout the school year are sponsored by the Black Culture Club to bring together students, faculty and the larger Ossining community.  Some of these activities include field trips to plays, colleges and places of educational interest.  Special events such as the Kwanzaa celebration, talent show and Black History events are also planned. Meetings are held weekly and regular attendance for members is required to participate in activities planned exclusively for members.

Business Club

Advisor:  Ms. Jacoby

     The Ossining High School Business Club aims to provide its members with the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge about the business and professional world. Members have the opportunity to compete in the Business Skills Olympics and gain hands-on business experience through the VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) Program, the Stock Market Game, dynamic guest speakers and member-led projects.

Class of 2017

Advisors: Ms. Burns and Mr. Yonkler

Class of 2018

Advisors:  Ms. Davis and Ms. Amentas


Advisors:  Mr. Rosenbaum and Ms. Caruso


Advisors: Mr. DeGeorge and Ms. Wager


Advisor:  TBD

     Students will learn to create Flash banners for the school website, take photos, videos and electronically program the school's flat panel TV in the main foyer of the high school. Club meetings will be announced.


Advisor:  Ms. Munzer

     Life is better when you Dance! The Dance Club allows its members to experience the joy of dance and self-expression. Students are exposed to various styles of dance from different parts of the world. They learn to see dance as an art, a healthy lifestyle, and a means of expression.  Classes incorporate key developmental elements such as leadership, respect, teamwork, confidence, memory, creativity, coordination, and cultural awareness. We meet on Wednesdays from 3:00-4:00 pm in the Cafeteria.

Drama Club

Advisor:  Ms. Beattie

    The OHS Performing Arts provides an educational theatre experience for the high school community. Three theatre performances are produced each year - a children's play which is presented in early November, a drama presented in the winter and finally a musical production is presented in the Spring. During the theatre season the students rehearse every day and on Saturdays. Participation in the performing arts is open to all students whether or not they are enrolled in theatre classes.

Engineering Club

Advisors: Mr. Albrecht and Mr. Scinta

     The Engineering Club explores different types of projects and construction. Our projects have included soda bottle water rockets and an electric car, which is still under construction. The club generally meets Wednesdays in Room 132, and all grades are welcome. Additional projects are always considered. No specific science classes are required, just a desire to get involved and ambition to work.

Environmental Club

Advisors: Mr. Carlucci and Ms. Baumann

     The goal of the Environmental Club is to improve the overall environment of the school. Students involved in this club strive to create and maintain school awareness about recycling paper and plastic. In addition they participate in local environmental debates and issues that concern high school students. Members of the Environmental Club participate in the annual "Stash the Trash Day", complete an "Earth Day" project and sponsor "Random Acts of Kindness Week". The club meets bi-weekly.


Advisor:  Mr. Sarr

    The intention of the French Club is to provide a place to speak French, become immersed in French culture, and enhance the French experience at OHS. It is open to any and all students interested in French, regardless of grade level and prior knowledge. We plan to meet every two weeks and discuss different selected topics each week, ranging from French art and politics, to food and clothing. We may partake in French competitions, correspond with pen pals, and go on education field trips. This club encourages an enriching environment for students of many backgrounds and levels of proficiency to interact, revolving around the French language and culture.

Gay/Straight Alliance (GSA)

Advisor:  Dr. Cohen

The goals of the Gay/Straight Alliance (GSA) are to provide a safe and accepting atmosphere for all students including gay, lesbian and bisexual (GLB) teenagers, to educate the Ossining High School community about issues related to GLB youth, to explore diversity of all kinds and encourage tolerance and acceptance.

History Club

Advisor:  Mr. Whitehead

     The OHS History Club is intended to bring history to life while at the same time allowing students to learn about historical events that they may not have the opportunity to discuss in their classes.

     The club activities include field trips, guest speakers, organizing special ceremonies and assemblies for historic holidays or events, attending lectures, fund raising for historic preservation, organizing contests, watching history themed movies and reading and writing about historical events.


Advisor:  Mr. Whitehead

The Interact Club is part of the Ossining Rotary Club. The goal of the club is to sponsor one local and one international project each year. Past projects include raising money for the children of Afghanistan and collecting funds for the victims of the World Trade Center attack. Other activities supported by Interact are the Park School ESL party, Claremont After-School program, and the food drive for the food pantry.

Junior States of America (JSA)

Advisor:  Ms. Burns

     Students meet regularly and participate in Political discussions, debates and listen to guest speakers. Participation in various regional conventions is a future goal for this club.

Law Team/Mock Trial

Advisor: Mrs. Mannarino and Mr. Ninos

     The Law Team is the Mock-Trial team competes in an annual tournament sponsored by the New York State Bar Association. Students receive a civil/criminal case from the NYS Bar Association and are given time to prepare as both sides before competing. Students who have completed Criminal Law, Civil Law or International Law are eligible to try out for the team. The team meets every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:15 to 5:15 beginning in January.  These meetings are organized as practice sessions for the competitions which begin at the end of February. The competitions are held at the County Courthouse in White Plains on Thursday evenings and are judged by lawyers and judges.

Math Circle

Advisor: Ms. Florkowski

     The Northern Westchester Math Circle (NWMC), also called the Ossining High School Math Circle (OHSMC), is a math enrichment and competition preparatory sight for the most serious and engaged math students in the area. The members of the circle meet several times a month, host speakers, and take and prepare for competitions that involve having all members from around Northern Westchester to travel to various sites.  Pizza is often served as well as a means of inspiration.

Model UN

with Mr. Ninos

     The Model UN Club focuses on researching international events, problems, and concerns and formulating ways to address them. Club members write a position paper studying one or more problems and present it to the club. Club activities culminate with a multi-night field trip to the National High School Model United Nations Conference in NYC where students represent member nations of the United Nations and angage in a role playing exercise to come to solve a common goal. Meetings take place in room 212. For more information, see Mr. Ninos in the Social Studies Department.

National Honor Society

Advisors:  Ms. Love and Ms. Sosa

     The purpose of the National Honor Society (NHS) is to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to perform service within the school and broaden community service, to promote leadership and to develop character among members (Constitution of NHS, Article I, Section 2). Members are selected based on their demonstration of the four qualities of scholarship, character, service and leadership. Students with an average of 88% and above may apply for membership in the National Honor Society.Each year the NHS sponsors the Senior Citizen Prom, in addition to various other subcommittees. In addition, a tutoring program is in place in order to tutor other students at OHS. Other opportunities to volunteer throughout Westchester County are also available, such as the Great Pumpkin Festival at Van Cortlandt Manor and Phelps Memorial Hospital.

Peer Leaders

Advisor:  TBD

     This group is designed to help students transition into high school. Students must be a 10th grader and recommended by your counselor or teacher. If you participate in peer leadership, you will help design orientation programs for incoming 9th graders as well as provide tours for new students who are transferring into Ossining High School.

Prestigious Ladies of Power

Advisor:  Ms. McFarlane

     The Prestigious Ladies in Power Club is designed for African American females in good faith to help inspire, motivate and academically support the students to become leaders of tomorrow! The students will participate in sessions which involve study skills, college/career interviewing tips, social and etiquette practices. In addition, the Prestigious Ladies in Power club will host guest speakers, along with a planned college tour. The club will meet twice a month.


Advisor:  Mr. Goldberg

     The Programming Club is a group of students interested in learning the science and art of Computer Programming.  This year's focus will be Java and SWIFT as it relates to programming Apps for both iOS and the Android OS. The club will meet the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month, starting in October.

Project Earthquake

Advisor:  Mr. Drinks

     Project Earthquake is a program that strives to instill integrity, discipline, honor and respect in young Black men by building their desire to become healthy, positive, productive citizens in our society. Project Earthquake offers personal support to young men to help counteract the forces that contribute to academic failure. They stress the importance of academic success as well as social codes of commitment to family, personal independence and strong moral character.

Safe Driving Committee

Advisor:  TBD

     The goal of the Safe Driving Committee is to educate teen drivers about the risks that they face on the road. The committee meets monthly to plan for the Safe Driving Night in March. This event is planned and hosted by the student members of the Safe Driving Committee.

School Store

Advisor:  Mrs. Guerin

STEP Program

Mercy STEP Science Program

Student Council

Advisor: Mr. DeGeorge

     The goals of the Student Counsil are to facilitate communication among students, teachers and administrators at OHS; to increase the student voice in curriculum choices and to secure adequate rules and regulations for the protection of students at OHS. General meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month except in September and June. Officer's meetings are held periodically as the necessity arises. Officers are elected for one year term in January and run through the following January. There are four officers: President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. General membership is an appointed position decided through faculty recommendations, student essay and interview with the advisors. The student council sponsors two main events each year: Spirit Week in the fall and OHS day (a carnival-type celebration) in the Spring. Many fundraisers are held throughout the year to support these events including bake sales and dances.


Advisor:  Mr. Velez

     The purpose of the Young Republican Club is to organize like minded students in an effort to help bring the Republican Party back to prominence in New York and the United States by coming up with effective programs that provide solutions to many of the problems that America is facing today. Meetings are every other Wednesday starting in September. Meetings are in Room 311.

The Current

Advisor:  Mr. Tiner

     THE CURRENT Ossining High School's Student Newspaper The school newspaper is produced many times a year. Students work together to highlight events which take place in and around the school community. In addition, students also write about current events. Students conduct various fundraisers throughout the year. Meetings are held several times a month.


Advisor:  Ms. Romero

     The purpose of the THINK BIG Club is to encourage, inspire, motivate and support Hispanic/Latino students in the Ossining High School community. Students will participate in sessions that will focus on skills for academic success, college prep, issues that affect the Hispanic/Latino community, cultural enrichment and experiences. The THINK BIG Club will host guest speakers, luncheons, college visits and trips. The THINK BIG Club will meet 2-3 times a month. Look us up on Google+ communities.

     El propósito del club "Think Big" es para animar, inspirar, motivar y apoyar a los estudiantes Hispanos/Latinos en la comunidad de la escuela secundaria de Ossining. Los estudiantes participarán en sesiones que se enfocarán en temas como las habilidades para el éxito académico, la preparación universitaria, asuntos que afectan a la comunidad Hispana/Latina, el enriquecimiento y la experiencia cultural. El club "Think Big" hospedará oradores invitados, almuerzos, visitas a universidades y viajes escolares. El club se reunirá 2-3 veces mensuales. Búscanos en las comunidades de Google+.

Ultimate FrisbeE

Advisor:  Mr. Dobelle

     Ultimate Frisbee is a club sport combining the elements of Frisbee, Soccer, and Rugby. The Ultimate Frisbee Club competes informally with other local clubs and practices on and off season, weather permitting.

Video Club

Advisor:  TBD

     Students that participate in the Video Club will learn how to create basic television productions. The two main elements of focus are studio productions and field production. Many of the programs that are produced by the students are televised on the OUFSD Education Channel (a division of GO-TV) on cable television. Students are taught how to use the equipment and the three stages of production: pre-production, production and post-production. Various fundraisers are held throughout the year including bake sales and candy sales. Field trips are taken to production companies and TV stations in the area. The video club meets once a week to hold meetings and the studio is open daily after school for productions being taped in the studio. For the more advanced students other areas of production will be explored, i.e. movie making, news reporting and more.

Wellness Club

WOSS - Radio Club

Advisor:  Mr. McDonald

     Participation in the Radio Club will give students the opportunity to broadcast live or pre-recorded radio shows on the OUFSD Radio Station WOSS 91.1 FM. The radio club will meet in the beginning of the year to assign time slots for DJ's that would like to broadcast during the school day. Training will be provided and the rules of the station will be explained to all interested in being on the air. Talk show and live sporting events will also be broadcast on WOSS. Fundraisers will vary from bake sales to car washes and radio-thon. Meetings will be held once a week in the beginning of the year then as needed as the school year goes on.


Advisor: Ms. Chase

     The Wizard, the Ossining High School yearbook, serves as a memory book and a historical record for the high school. Students enrolled in the Yearbook class, which meets every other day throughout the year, receive ½ credit. Staff members are also expected to attend after-school sessions, particularly when there are deadlines to be met. Students are involved in all aspects of planning of the yearbook including, but not limited to, gathering information, writing, editing, taking photographs, cropping pictures, and designing page layouts. Students are also expected to raise funds by selling yearbooks and commercial ads. Meeting deadlines and working as a team are most important.

Youth to Youth (Y2Y)

Advisor: TBD

     Ossining Y2Y is a club that believes in the power of youth and supports healthy lifestyle choices. Members of Ossining Y2Y pledge to be drug and alcohol free, and work toward influencing their peers to do the same by encouraging them to stay true to themselves. Activities are focused on raising awareness of the risks associated with drug and alcohol use, and providing fun alternatives for students to partake in. Y2Y is committed to having a positive impact on their peers, school and the entire Ossining community. Participation in Y2Y is open to all OHS students. Meetings are held at least twice a month.