Workshop: The Internal Mechanics of an IEP-Part 2-IEP Goals

May 14th, 2015

Roosevelt School Cafeteria 7:00-9:00 pm

This workshop will  expand on The Internal Mechanics of an IEP-Part 1 held earlier

in the year  and will focus on a comprehensive understanding of IEP goals.

how to assess and understand what all the criteria means. Parents will walk

away with what the goal is aiming to measure and how.

Presented by:

Jessie L. Wallace, MS, CAGS, NCSP: Ms. Wallace is a nationally certified School Psychologist who has worked in Westchester County, New York public schools for the past 10 years. Now working as an educational consultant, Ms. Wallace possesses extensive knowledge on New York State regulations in regards to special education including the referral and evaluation process.

Ms. Wallace has also played an integral role in assisting students to maximize interventions within the general education setting.  Ms. Wallace is well versed in psychological testing, behavioral management as well as social/emotional goal development and interventions to support student's needs based upon their level of functioning and presenting needs at all developmental levels.  Ms. Wallace has served as an educational resource by helping parents navigate the public school systems to assist with planning for the best interest of their child.

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